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Portland Fire & Rescue Responds to an Early Morning House Fire in SE Portland

Portland Fire & Rescue responded to a residential fire at 8923 SE Stephens St. early this morning at 2:28am. When fire crews arrived, they found flames and smoke coming from the residence. Fire crews immediately verified that everyone had gotten out of the house and simultaneously began fighting the fire. The fire was under control at 2:48am.

The resident, who had gotten out of the house at the time of the fire, was transported to an area hospital with minor injuries. No other injuries were reported.

PF&R Fire Investigators have determined the fire started in the kitchen area of the home. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The damage to the home is estimated around $200,000.


Fire can spread quickly through your home, leaving you little time to escape safely once the fire alarm sounds. Your ability to get out depends on advance warning from smoke alarms and advance planning — a home fire escape plan that everyone in your family is familiar with and has practiced. Now is a great time to create and practice your home fire escape plan. Go to: for additional information.

Posted on Sun, 13 Jan 2019 17:02:40 GMT

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty now on Flash Alerts

Media Advisory

Media outlets interested in news alerts from Commissioner Hardesty (overseeing Fire, BOEC and PBEM) can now sign up in Flash Alerts for her releases.

Posted on Fri, 11 Jan 2019 19:54:06 GMT

Three Escape, One Elderly Female Dies In Early Morning Apartment Fire (Photo)

At 3:30am this morning a fire broke out in an apartment at NE160th and Everett Ct. PF&R crews arrived to find heavy fire and smoke from a single story unit of a four-plex apartment building. Three family members, two adults and one child (8yrs) had escaped but first arriving crews were concerned that an elderly female (78yrs) was still inside. Firefighters from Engine 31 and Truck 7 entered the apartment to search for and rescue any residents inside but, sadly, found the 78yr old female deceased along with several pets (7). The three residents that escaped were all evaluated and transported for smoke inhalation. Three pets were believed to have escaped and no other injuries were reported.

Fire Investigators have been at the scene most of the day sifting through evidence and compiling witness testimony to determine a cause. They believe the fire was caused by a faulty electrical cord but are unclear as to why the cord failed. Investigators also noted that while there was a smoke alarm in the apartment the battery had been removed. 

"We are very saddened by today's news. Our 'Fire Death Task Force' will be looking closely at this tragedy to see how our public education and prevention efforts can be better focused." said PF&R Fire Marshal Nate Takara. On the issue of smoke alarms, Fire Marshal Takara stressed the following "we know smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms save lives. When you go home today, please check those alarms to ensure they are properly placed and working. It could be the difference of life or death."

*The PF&R Fire Death Task Force is a committee of fire professionals and data analysts whose objective is to understand details of fire fatalities and/or injuries in order to better focus prevention, response and public education. 


Posted on Wed, 09 Jan 2019 23:06:13 GMT

Portland Fire Chief Mike Myers Submitted Resignation, Moving to Position at the Oregon Coast

Today, Portland Fire Chief Mike Myers announced his resignation from Portland Fire & Rescue.

Myers started at Portland Fire & Rescue in July of 2016 and joined the bureau with the promise of bringing modern business practices to the fire service.  He did not disappoint. 

Myers leaves a long list of accomplishments in his two and half years as chief of the fire bureau. From technology advancements in communication, GPS for responding vehicles, operational software enhancements for training and emergency ops, to equity and inclusion advancements such as the hiring of PF&R’s first Equity Manager and a complete revision to the employee discipline process.  Chief Myers made firefighter safety a top priority, working to ensure his firefighters utilized industry leading safety practices, securing funding for additional and much needed equipment that is key to firefighter safety, and instituted an annual physical that is more suited to the unique risks firefighters face.

What is probably most notable of Chief Mike Myers is his overall approach to managing the fire department of a large city. Chief Myers pushed Portland Fire & Rescue  into a new, forward thinking method of prevention and response. The “blueprint for success” project has led individual fire stations to start looking at the specific threats to safety and reasons for 911 calls within their specific response area and consider how they can work to connect those affected with resources that can provide long term solutions and/or prevention.  Simply stated, Chief Myers has left a legacy with Portland Fire & Rescue.

“I thank the employees of Portland Fire & Rescue for their hard work and support during my time here. This is a personal decision on my part. I love the coast and my wife has already moved there and it is my strong desire to join her. I have every faith that the leadership of Portland Fire & Rescue will continue to serve the city of Portland at the highest level. My only regret is that I was very excited to work with Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and her team. I did speak with her today and explained that this is about my desire to be with my wife and keeping that priority above all.”  Chief Mike Myers stated that he will be taking a position as the Emergency Manager for the City of Cannon Beach. 

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty had the following to say: “Today Portland Fire Chief Mike Myers visited me with the sad news he will be leaving Portland. I am personally so sad to lose his leadership and friendship. His vision for a vibrant city was exactly what we need, and I am disappointed to not work on his plan together. Chief Myers will be joining his wife in Gearhart where they have relocated. I look forward to working with my colleagues to recruit and retain leaders moving forward and make the City of Portland an employer of choice.”

An interim chief has not yet been chosen.


Posted on Thu, 03 Jan 2019 22:47:53 GMT

PF&R Works to Free Driver of Garbage Truck Wrapped in Downed Power Lines

At 6:10am PF&R crews were dispatched to a motor vehicle crash at 4341 NE 148th Ave. When crews arrived they found a garbage truck had collided with a power pole and lines. The crew of Engine 2 did a survey of the damage and immediately instructed the driver to stay in the cab of the vehicle until the power company could de-energize the power lines. A safety perimeter was sectioned off around the down lines.

A PGE crew arrived shortly after to de-energize the lines and the driver of the garbage truck was able to safely exit the vehicle uninjured. 

**Safety Message**

Remember if you approach down power lines.. STAY BACK. If you are in a vehicle that is in contact with down power lines.. STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. If you have to exit the vehicle (vehicle on fire etc..) JUMP WITH BOTH FEET TOGETHER, do not allow your body to be in contact with the vehicle and the ground at the same time. 



Posted on Thu, 03 Jan 2019 16:55:47 GMT

Update on cause of fire: Portland Fire & Rescue Responds to House Fire

Update on cause of fire: 

The occupants were alerted to a fire in the kitchen from a working smoke alarm.  Two occupants were injured by the fire.  One adult male suffered from smoke inhalation and minor facial burns attempting to rescue additional occupants. Also, a juvenile male suffered smoke inhalation during his escape from the second floor, because his only escape route was through the room of origin.

The cause was determined to be combustibles that ignited because they were too close to the stovetop that was in use.  The fire was accidental in nature, and the damages have been estimated to be in excess of $150,000.00.

Portland Fire & Rescue would like to remind you to be sure that you have working smoke alarms in your home.  You are four times more likely able to survive a house fire with working smoke alarms.  During a house fire, you only have less than three minutes to escape, because smoke and fire spread rapidly.  Working smoke alarms save lives.   If you need a moke alarm, contact PF&R's smoke alarm hotline at (503)823-3752


Portland Fire & Rescue responded to a working residential fire, located at 1736 NE 52nd Ave., at 8:45am this morning.  Upon arrival crews reported heavy smoke showing from the first floor and the eaves of the home.  Everyone was reportedly out of the home, and one person was transported to a local hospital for smoke inhalation.  Firefighters aggressively contained the fire that was found in the basement, and first floor of the home. 

Investigators are on scene currently working to determine the cause of the fire, and Red Cross has also been contacted to assist the 4 adults and 3 children that have been displaced.  Updates will be posted when received.

*Update:  One of our firefighters got heat exhaustion at the 52nd Ave. house fire this morning.  The FF was transported to to be checked for precautionary measures.





Posted on Sun, 30 Dec 2018 22:09:37 GMT

PF&R Responds to two fires simultaneously in NE

Portland Fire & Rescue was first dispatched at 1:08 PM at the Union Motel located at 59 NE Gertz Rd.  A fire started in the office of the motel and initial reports indicated someone may still be inside.  Fire crews arrived to heavy smoke pouring from the office and went inside to perform a search; no one was located. The fire was quickly knocked down and everyone made it out safely.  An investigator responded to determine the cause.

While fire crews were still on scene at the Union Motel, an apartment fire was dispatched at 10608 NE Wygant.  When fire crews arrived they saw smoke rising from the back of the building.  Firefighters entered and found a fire burning in the back bedroom of an apartment unit.  A search was completed to confirm all occupants made it out safely.  Initial reports were that an occupant was trying to extinguish the fire.  Portland Fire & Rescue would like to remind everyone to, "Get out and Stay out." Once you make it out of a building, please remain outside. Returning to a structure that is on fire to help aid in extinguishing the fire, obtain property, or save pets, can be life threatening.

Posted on Sat, 29 Dec 2018 22:31:56 GMT

PF&R Firefighter Arrested With Drug and Weapons Charges


On Wednesday evening December 20th, Portland Fire & Rescue was notified firefighter David Lloyd had been arrested. Firefighter Lloyd, an 18 year veteran of the department, is being charged with both drug and weapons violations. Due to the seriousness of the crimes, FF Lloyd  will be placed on administrative leave while an internal and legal investigation into the incident is completed. From Fire Chief Mike Myers: “As firefighters we are tasked with the health and safety of this city. As Fire Chief, I must maintain this objective with expectations of what it means to be a Portland Firefighter above all. I am gravely concerned with details of this arrest and I will be following this process closely.”


Link to PPB press release:

Posted on Sat, 22 Dec 2018 01:47:13 GMT


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