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***UPDATE- Fire Cause and Victim Status | Portland Fire & Rescue Responds to a House Fire (NE Alberta & 12th Ave.)

UPDATE: 10/20/2018 at 0900 hrs

The male patient was died yesterday evening after being transported to the Burn Center at Emanuel Hospital.

The cause of the fire was determined to be unintentional, failure to use ordinary care, combustibles too close to heat source.


This evening at 5:15pm Portland Firefighters responded to a house fire located in the area of NE Alberta & 12th Ave.  When crews arrived, they discovered large amounts of smoke coming from the first floor of the two-story home.   Crews were informed that two people live in the home, and upon the primary search, one of the residents, and elderly male, was located in the front room.  The victim was immediately transported to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. 

Firefighters reported that it was difficult to locate the seat of the fire due to the excessive amounts of items that were stored throughout the home.  It was reported soon after that the second resident was not at home. 

Crews are still on scene, and an Investigator is working to determine the cause of the fire.  There are no photos available of this incident.  Any updates on the loss and the cause will be posted as soon as they are received. 


Posted on Sat, 20 Oct 2018 15:58:48 GMT

Crews Extinguish Stubborn House Fire in SW Portland (Photo)

***Correction-The previous release stated that "No one was found inside and injuries were reported". It has been corrected to say "No one was found inside and no injuries were reported" This was a typo.***

10/14/2018-This Morning at 5:40 AM Portland Fire & Rescue crews were called to a house on the 2000 block of SW Moss St. On arrival firefighters noted heavy fire throughout the 1.5 story structure. Reports from neighbors indicated that the structure is currently vacant, however it's still important for crews to check for people trapped inside. Crews worked to extinguish the fire, while other's vented the dangerous fire gases by cutting a hole in the roof.

A large amount furniture and other belongings slowed the entry of fire crews. They stated that it appeared that the house was being used for storage. Firefighters made their way inside only to be pulled back by fire commanders as fire burning in the attic increased. This was made more dangerous by the fact that furniture and other heavy items were kept in the attic space. After crews knocked down the attic fire they were able to continue attacking the fire from inside.

No one was found inside the house and no injuries were reported. The fire was extinguished and an investigator was called to the scene to determine the cause of the fire. Cause and damage estimates will be added to this release when they are available.

PF&R asks that you take care when collecting and storing items. If it is difficult to move through your home normally, it will be much worse during an emergency. The dust and smoke from a fire or earthquake will make it much harder to breath, see and escape! Help us to keep you safe!

Posted on Sun, 14 Oct 2018 15:23:05 GMT

One Dog Rescued From NE Portland House Fire (Photo)

At 3:45pm PF&R crews were sent to a house fire at 524 NE 69th ave. When Engine 19 (Mt Tabor) arrived they found heavy fire and smoke showing from the rear of the home. Firefighters were sent into the home to search for any trapped occupants and found one dog seeking refuge in the basement. The dog was brought out and found to be healthy and happy. Firefighters also extinguished the fire containing it to the rear portion of the home. 

Fire investigators are still processing information to determine a cause and a damage estimate. It was later determined that all occupants were not at home when this fire broke out and no injuries were reported. 


*Did you know? .... Firefighters regularly rescue pets from house fires? PF&R even carries specialiazed equipment to perform medical aid to pets who have inhaled smoke and have difficulty breathing.... Now you know!

Posted on Wed, 03 Oct 2018 02:48:26 GMT

Three Escape, One Injured In 2nd Alarm Apartment Fire (Photo)

At 1pm today a fire broke out at the Firland Apartments, 8012 SE Raymond St. When Rescue and Engine 11 arrived they found heavy fire and smoke billowing from a second story apartment. Due to the amount of fire and proximity of apartment buildings incident commanders requested a 2nd alarm, doubling the number of engines and ladder trucks. Three occupants were in the apartment when the fire broke out, 1 elderly female and 2 children. They all escaped the apartment before PF&R crews arrived but the elderly female sustained some smoke inhalation injuries. She was transported to Emanuel Hospital. Firefighters from Station 11 and 25 quickly got hose lines up to the 2nd story apartment, preventing fire spread to other apartments and buildings. Fire Investigators are collecting scene info and witness testimony to determine a cause and damage estimates. No other injuries were reported, 1 pet cat was still missing at the time of this release. 

Posted on Tue, 02 Oct 2018 02:14:29 GMT

UPDATE WITH CAUSE: 4th Alarm Commercial Fire In North Portland Industrial Area (Photo)

UPDATE - September 28 at 11:05 AM 

Fire Investigators have concluded their work and have concluded that the cause was “Improper Control of an Open Fire”.

Investigators found a burn barrel that was being used too closely to large stacks of wood pallets.


Just before 1am this morning PF&R crews were sent to a commercial fire at 8235 N Kerby. Crews arrived to find a large metal clad building engulfed in fire including large stacks of wooden pallets surrounding the building. Large embers floating through the air, multiple high voltage power lines and large distances between fire hydrants created difficulties for crews in the beginning minutes of this fire. The response level was raised to a 4th alarm. The multiple alarms of fire engines and ladder trucks was needed to handle the size of the building and the proximity of buildings nearby exposed to the fire. One firefighter was evaluated for heat exhaustion but not transported to hospital. No occupants were inside the buildings when crews arrived, no other injuries were reported. Fire Investigators are at the scene to determine a cause. 

*Incident commanders are reporting that the bulk of the fire is knocked down. Some fire resources are being released from the scene (2:00am). 

Posted on Fri, 28 Sep 2018 18:09:25 GMT

Firefighters Get Creative To Rescue Man Stuck In Mud

At 11:17am PF&R crews responded to a 9-1-1 call stating that there was a man stuck in the muddy swales near the Colwood Golf Center off of NE Alderwood Road north of NE Columbia Blvd.  

Upon assessment of the scene, crews requested the Technical Rescue Team based in downtown Portland, while simultaneously working on a “plan B”, which was to lay down ladders flat on top of the mud and use them as a scaffolding to walk across the mud safely and get access to the patient. The four ladders stretched across the mud about 70 feet from the access point to the patient. The patient was mostly submerged in the mud, laying supine and struggling to stay on top of the mud, limbs flailing and moaning. A Firefighter walked out on the mud on top of the ladders, pried the patient out of the mud and placed him in a basket. The other crew members of Engine and Truck 2 assisted w/ hoisting the basket out of the mud and to safety.  

The patient was in a serious medical condition at the time of the rescue and transported to Emanuel hospital as a trauma system entry. 

Video Link of Lt. Sean Fogarty explaining the dramatic rescue can be found here: 


Posted on Wed, 26 Sep 2018 23:23:25 GMT

PF&R Resources Stretched Thin With Early Morning Fires

At around 3:45 am, PF&R was alerted to a commercial fire at Greenway recycling plant at 4135 NW St Helens Rd. When crews arrived, they found a large pile of commercial wood products on fire; the pile itself was over 40 ft high. With flames reaching 60 ft or more and large embers from the fire threatening to extend to the border of Forest Park resting immediately behind the plant, Incident Commanders upgraded the incident to a 2nd alarm fire. This raised the response to approximately 15 engines, trucks, and support vehicles to mitigate the increasing threat to surrounding buildings and Forest Park.

Within a couple hours, the bulk of the fire was brought under control and crews were kept on scene for what was originally estimated as several days of maintenance, due to the size and difficulty of the pile. Fire crews worked with heavy equipment operators to extinguish much deeper into the pile than was thought possible. As a result, Incident Commanders have now declared the fire extinguished. Fire investigators have been at the scene since early this morning, but have not yet decided on a cause. No injuries were reported.


Minutes after the NW St Helens Rd commercial fire, PF&R was sent to an apartment fire at 2625 NE Clackamas Street. First arriving crews found a large home converted into a tri-plex with heavy fire from the rear of the building. Residents had made it out of the building but two were injured, one seriously. The fire was first recognized by a female resident of the tri-plex who says she woke to the crackling sound of fire and saw smoke everywhere. She alerted other residents, including one female in the 3rd floor/loft apartment just above her. The 3rd floor resident had to exit through heavy fire conditions and suffered serious injury as a result. Narrow streets, the location of the fire, and injured occupants gave Incident Commanders plenty deal with in their decision to call for a 2nd alarm assignment. This pushed resources, now spread thin across the city due to the NW St Helens fire, even thinner. Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and Gresham Fire Department quickly answered the call for assistance in staffing the now several empty fire stations across the city. Division Chief Tom Williams responded to the scene and commented on the early morning fires “Our staffing levels were pushed to the limit today. I’m grateful for the hard work of our firefighters and the assistance of our neighbors at Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue.”

Fire Investigators determined that an unattended candle that extended to nearby curtains was the cause of the NE Clackamas fire. It was also discovered that there were no working smoke alarms in the upper floor units.

*pictures and video can be found on @pdxfire

Safety Message: Smoke alarms save lives! Many of the injuries and deaths in residential fires happen at night while occupants are sleeping. Smoke alarms and only smoke alarms will alert sleeping occupants of fire in time for escape.

  1. Check your smoke alarms semi-annually (at time daylight time change).
  2. Have two ways out of your bedroom.
  3. Plan and practice your escape route.

Posted on Wed, 26 Sep 2018 23:02:11 GMT

North Portland Wildfire Provides Strong Reminder of Lingering Fire Danger

At 7:15pm PF&R crews were alerted to a wildfire increasing in size in the are of N Edgewater and N Willamette St. When Station 22 (St. John’s) arrived they found a 300’ x 50’ area creeping toward the N. Willamette bluff. Access was difficult for the first arriving fire engines and ladder trucks but smaller more mobile brush fire units arrived shortly after allowing crews to access and extinguish the fire before it could spread to nearby homes and structures. Fortunately, crews were spared a faster moving fire due to little to no wind at the time of the blaze. “Add a little wind to this fire and this could have been a much more dangerous situation” remarked Battallion Chief Steve Bregman. Chief Bregman, who has been deployed to several large wildland fires as part of a State of Oregon response team, also commented on the fire threat still posed by our lingering dry vegetation which is fuel for fires like these. 

Fire Investigators were called to the scene to determine a cause but had no strong leads as to how this fire started. No structures were involved and no injuries were reported. 

**Safety Alert**

The weather forecast is for very warm and dry conditions for the remainder of the week. PF&R officials have issued a warning to residents to be extremely careful with any type of burning or outdoor heat sources. This includes BBQ’s, fire pits, burn piles and discarding of cigarettes. Our vegetation is still very dry and very vulnerable to fire!

Posted on Tue, 25 Sep 2018 04:04:38 GMT


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