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8 Occupants and 1 Dog Are Safe After Late Night House Fire In NE Portland

At 11:40pm last night a fire broke out in single family residence at 11826 NE Brazee. Firefighters reported seeing heavy fire coming from the front of the home and threatening a home next door. Firefighters were told that all residents were out but that one dog may still be inside. After the threat to the nearby home was eliminated, crews searched for and found a dog in a bedroom of the home. After a quick evaluation the dog was returned to his family. Fire crews declared the fire was extinguished at 11:58pm.

A fire investigator was called to the scene to determine cause and extent of the damage. The fire is still currently under investigation but the damages were concluded to at approximately $80,000. The Red Cross Cascade Chapter was called to help with the finding shelter for 6 adults 2 kids and one dog. It was unclear if working smoke alarms were activated in the home. 


Posted on Fri, 16 Nov 2018 19:09:59 GMT


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