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Food Cart Fire Extends to Multiple Cars and Challenges Firefighters (Photo)
At 3:12PM Fire crews were dispatched to the report of a food cart on fire at SW 1st and Columbia. Multiple callers reported significant flames and explosions. On arrival fire crews found two food carts fully involved with fire. At least 10 cars parked in the lot adjacent to the food carts were burning or heavily damaged by the fire. Because of the amount of fire, and gusting winds driving the flames, the incident commander called for a second alarm at 3:19PM. Crews worked quickly to protect additional vehicles in the lot and a city-block long row of mature trees that had ignited above the carts. Reports of multiple explosions were later confirmed by fire investigators when they found several ruptured propane tanks in the burned debris. This fire was brought under control by firefighters in about 15 min, but not before completely destroying two food carts, several cars, and a large tree. Several workers were evaluated and treated at the scene for minor injuries.

This fire started when a worker was fueling a gas generator used for power by one of the carts. Some of the fuel spilled and the fumes found a heat source and ignited. Workers attempted to fight the flames with several fire extinguishers, but the fire quickly spread out of control.

Portland Fire reminds everyone to never fuel hot power equipment. When fueling equipment, be sure that you are away from all combustibles and other heat sources. Always read the instructions for equipment carefully and heed all safety warnings and labels.

While this fire was caused by improper fueling, once the carts and several adjacent vehicles were burning, the intensity of the heat and flames caused two propane cylinders to rupture. Any container the has compressed gas in it, including propane, natural gas, aerosol cans, and even vehicle tires, can become over-pressurized when exposed to the intense heat of fire and the gas inside expands. If this expansion happens rapidly the container will rupture creating explosions. For this reason it is important to recognize when a fire is beyond control, evacuate the area, and stay clear of the fire.

Mobile food carts are not regulated by the fire code in the City of Portland because they are considered mobile units and fall under the Federal Department of Transportation guidelines. Portland Fire and Rescue does regulate commercial propane use and reminds any businesses who operate portable propane appliances to obtain a propane permit through the Fire Marshal's Office and follow the conditions of use and operation listed on the permit. The permit can be found online at under "Permits and Inspections".

Photo credit to Greg Muir
Posted on Thu, 19 Oct 2017 05:21:17 GMT

Crews Battling House Fire in NE
Portland and Gresham fire crews are on scene of a house fire near 156th and Couch St. Multiple 911 callers reported heavy fire and responding crews reported that they could see a "header", a large, highly visible column of dark smoke, from over 10 blocks away. On arrival fire crews found heavy fire involvement to the structure and immediately pulled two hoselines to initiate an aggressive fire attack. The occupant of the house confirmed for fire crews that all people were out, but that a dog may still be inside. During search and rescue a cat was located and taken out of the home. Fire crews are continuing to put out hot spots and will be on scene for some time more conducting "overhaul" to confirm that the fire is fully extinguished. Updates will be made as they become available.
Posted on Wed, 18 Oct 2017 00:00:35 GMT

Fire Crews Battling 2nd Alarm Fire at Highrise Under Renovation (Photo)
UPDATE 10/15/2017 @ 1515 hrs:

Investigators have concluded their work, and determined the fire was unintentionally started by workers installing roofing materials. The roofers were using a propane torch to dry the roof deck so that they could apply a solvent based primer. The flame came into contact with some primer that had already been applied, igniting it. This Fire then spread a large stack of 4' x 8' rigid foam insulation, which is very flammable. A total of (6) fire extinguishers were used prior to PF&R's arrival, but, the fire was too large for even this many extinguishers.

The injury occurred when one of the workers hand, which was covered in the primer, came into contact with the flame. His 2nd degree burns were evaluated on-scene, and he declined transport to a hospital for further treatment.

PF&R would like to remind everyone that when working with open flame, it is important to keep flammable materials a safe distance away. Additionally, keep a steady water supply, such as a hose nearby in case of emergencies.


This morning fire crews were dispatched to a report of a fire on the roof of a building at 10th and Alder. On arrival they found large amounts of smoke and flames from the roof. A second alarm was called for additional resources given the height of the building and amount of fire attack resources needed. The fire building is vacant and under renovation at this time. Contractors were on scene at the time the fire began and were the first to report it. One worker sustained minor injuries attempting to extinguish the flames early on. He was treated and released at the scene. Crews have extinguished the fire and are conducting "overhaul" to assure that the fire is out and will not rekindle later. The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time.

Media staging is located at 9th and Alder. PIO is on scene.
Posted on Sun, 15 Oct 2017 22:31:39 GMT

2 Alarm House Fire Displaces Four Occupants, House Destroyed (Photo)
At 2:24am a house fire was reported in the 5000 block of NE Alberta St. with reports of possibly two occupants still inside. On arrival crews found the house "fully involved" with heavy fire across the entire front of the structure and beginning to spread to a house on the east side. Engine 28 initiated a defensive attack spraying water from the "deck gun" mounted on top of their engine. They also recognized that a power line had burned through and draped across a metal fence, possibly energizing it, and that the gas meter had been damaged by the fire and was emitting flames. The circumstances of this fire became complex very quickly and Engine 28 called for a second alarm at 0237 to get additional resources. After a quick investigation all four occupants of the home were located outside and safe. The extent of the fire damage to the building, the downed power line, and the leaking gas meter all created hazards to firefighters that impeded the firefighting effort. Crews were able to stretch hose lines around the house and get the fire knocked down but had to wait until the gas meter could be shut off by NW Natural and the power line de-energized by PP&L to completely extinguish the flames.

The cause of this fire is still under investigation. Red Cross was called to the scene to assist the occupants who were displaced with nothing but the clothes they managed to escape the fire in.

Many major fires occur overnight and in the early morning hours because the warning signs like the smell or sight of smoke, that in daylight might be caught early, go unrecognized by sleeping occupants and neighbors allowing the fire to grow unchecked. Portland Fire and Rescue cannot stress enough the need for all homes to have working smoke alarms that will alert you to the fire early and give you time to get out safely. All residential homes and apartments should have a working smoke alarm in each bedroom, outside each bedroom (or bedroom area), and on each level of a home. October is National Fire Safety Month. In honor of this, please test your smoke alarms to make sure they are in working order and know that your family can sleep safely tonight.
Posted on Fri, 13 Oct 2017 17:24:54 GMT

UPDATE WITH PHOTO: Oregon Firefighters to Assist California with Battling North Bay Fire (Photo)
The state of California has issued a multi-state request for firefighting resources to assist with firefighting efforts throughout the northern part of California. Oregon will be answering their request by sending resources from throughout the state. Multnomah County is sending a strike team of type-one engines to assist at the North Bay Fire. The five engines for the strike team will consist of one Gresham Fire engine, one Port of Portland (Airport) Fire engine, three Portland Fire engines, and a Chief Officer. The team has assembled, collected the wildfire deployment equipment that had been stowed for the season, just days ago, and are headed south to meet up with other resources from our state.

While this request for inter-state mutual aid from California is nearly unprecedented, and comes very late in the season for Oregon firefighters, Multnomah County is fortunate to have the resources available. Just a few weeks ago many of these same engines and firefighters were still battling the Eagle Creek Fire in the historic Columbia River Gorge.

Updates and photos from the Multnomah County strike team will be provided as they become available.

For more information on statewide resources being sent please contact the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office PIO at 503-370-0033 (media pager)

UPDATE: Fire crews from Multnomah County, including Portland, Gresham, and Port of Portland Fire arrived at the North Bay fire camp late last night. They will receive assignment to a geographic division of fire operations today and will set out as a strike team to their assigned area.

When fire crews respond on mutual aid incidents that are significantly outside their standard response area there are many logistical concerns that must be considered. Crews must operate on different radio networks that allow them to communicate with agencies they would not normally have contact with. They must be issued maps of the local area and become very familiar, very quickly, with the local geography and terrain that they will be working in. They must be briefed on local street names and addressing conventions, water supply locations, and buildings and properties that are tactical priorities with historic or economic significance to the local communities. Crews must be diligent with the maintenance of their vehicle as it becomes much more than just an emergency response vehicle, but also their only source of transportation in the area, and their ride home when the time comes. Systems that run smoothly in a well designed emergency response system like that in the Portland Metropolitan area, can easily be taken for granted by responders and the public alike under normal operations. In very large-scale incidents like the catastrophic fires of Northern California, these systems must expand dramatically and adapt not only to the massive strain on the system from the fires, but also that from the influx of resources that arrive to attack those fires. Fortunately, there are excellent plans in place in each state and throughout the country, guided by the National Incident Management System, that allow all of these considerations to be addressed in a timely manner no matter the size of the incident or the hazard that it poses.

Updates on the Multnomah County strike team will be posted as they become available.
Posted on Thu, 12 Oct 2017 14:43:41 GMT

Participant Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Portland Marathon - Revived by Bystander and First Responders
This morning during the Portland Marathon an adult male participating in the marathon collapsed on the racecourse at approximately mile 15 near N. Wayland Ave. and N. Willamette Blvd. A bystander quickly evaluated the patient and determined CPR was appropriate and began chest compressions. A crew from Metro West Ambulance, who was stationed along the racecourse for medical standby, responded and found the patient in cardiac arrest. They began Advanced Life Support protocols. Crews from Portland Fire and Rescue and American Medical Response were also dispatched to assist the efforts. Due to the quick response of the bystander and trained EMS crews, the patient was revived at the scene and transported by AMR to Emanuel hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

The events of today, clearly life-threatening for the patient, demonstrate the importance of bystander CPR, and coordinated EMS response. In this instance, each link in the "chain of survival" was strong and supported the patient's survival for each subsequent link, and ultimately a positive, rather than tragic, outcome.

If you do not know CPR, please consider getting trained. Contact your local public safety agency or the American Heart Association or American Red Cross for more information today. You too may save a life one day!

For more information on this event please contact Les Smith or Molly Bailey at or 971-303-5990.
Posted on Sun, 08 Oct 2017 23:33:47 GMT

PF&R Responds to Two Fires at Colwood Golf Course
Portland Fire crews responded to report of a fire at Colwood Golf Course this morning at 4:01 AM. Upon arrival, crews reported finding two separate fires. The first was a vehicle and the second was a small outbuilding on the property. Both fires were extinguished quickly.

A fire investigator responded due to the close proximity of the fires and has determined that both were set intentionally.

No other info is available at this time. Investigators will continue their work and updates will be released as they become available.
Posted on Wed, 04 Oct 2017 14:35:17 GMT

PF&R Responds to 2-Alarm House Fire on NE Prescott St
PF&R responded to report of a deck on fire at 6:20 PM tonight. Initial reports from the caller was that there was a large fire outside of the home. Additionally, the caller stated there may be an elderly occupant upstairs, and that fire was coming into the home.

Responding units reported seeing a large smoke column. Upon arrival they encountered a large fire involving the exterior of the home and a detached garage.

A second alarm was requested at 6:24 PM to bring additional resources to aid with the multiple structures and potential for rescue operations

Fire extended into the interior of the home, and eventually into the attic space. Crews coordinated their fire attack from the interior of the home with firefighters on the roof who were cutting holes to ventilate smoke from the structure.

One occupant, who was on the main floor of the home was able to self-extricate from the fire. A passerby entered the structure and assisted the elderly occupant from the second floor just prior to PF&R's arrival. The passerby sustained a minor strain to his ankle in the process. He was evaluated on scene and declined transport.

Firefighters were able to rescue one cat and the chickens. A second cat is still unaccounted for. A dog was found deceased in the home.

Investigators are on scene working on damage estimates. The fire cause has been determined to be "Smokers Carelessness".
Posted on Sun, 01 Oct 2017 04:18:32 GMT

PF&R Responds to a House Fire (7115 SE 32nd Ave.)
9/23/17-Tonight at 9:31 Portland Firefighters were called to a house at 7115 SE 32nd Avenue. On arrival firefighters found fire on the first and second floors and in the attic of the two story house. Crews also found fire in the home's garage. The house's occupants were outside when fire crews arrived, however, one adult male was transported to the hospital for evaluation. The patient's condition doesn't appear to be life threatening.

A down power line made accessing and extinguishing this fire more difficult until it was made safe by PGE. The fire was extinguished and the investigation is underway. Incident commanders are working to estimate damage.
Posted on Sun, 24 Sep 2017 05:53:11 GMT

PF&R Responds to a House Fire (4500 Block of SE 85th)
9/21/2017-This Morning just after 10:00 AM firefighters were called to a house on fire on the 4500 block of SE 85th. On arrival crews found fire on the backside and corner of the house. The homes occupants were safe and crews were able to quickly extinguish this blaze.

Fire crews stopped the fire keeping interior damage to a minimum. No injuries were associated with this fire. An PF&R investigator is on scene working to determine what caused this fire.
Posted on Thu, 21 Sep 2017 18:01:53 GMT

PF&R Responds to an Apartment Fire (7511 SE Henry)
9/21/2017-This morning at 5:19 AM Portland Firefighters were called to 7511 SE Henry St. Arriving fire crews found a small fire in a room that had been extinguished by a fire sprinkler. Firefighters worked to get all of the residents out of the smoke filled building and searched for any additional fire.

One person was transported to the hospital for non-life threatening smoke inhalation. The cause of this fire hasn't been released, but damage was contained to object within the room of origin. The building should be safe for residents, but the water cleanup will take several hours.
Posted on Thu, 21 Sep 2017 14:53:54 GMT


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