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Vote NO on Measure 90

Vote No
Measure 90

Brothers and Sisters,

PFFA Local 43 supports the ‘No on Measure 90' campaign that will be on the November ballot. We have joined a large and still growing coalition of organizations and individuals fighting to protect the voices of all Oregon voters.

The Oregon Open Primary, Measure 90 is on the November 4, 2014 ballot in Oregon as an initiated state statute. The measure, if approved, would create a top-two system of general election voting where the primary ballot allows voters to choose one candidate from all candidates, regardless of political party. The top two candidates, regardless of political party, would then be voted upon in the general election.

These are the main reasons we must defeat this measure: it is anti-worker, it effectively disenfranchises working people, low-income voters, new voters and minority voters, and it will limit the choices available in the general election.

Here are some key facts to know about this measure to help inform your decision:

  1. Almost every labor union large and small opposes this measure. Both the Democratic AND the Republican Party of Oregon oppose this measure.
  2. More than 70% of the funding in support of Measure 90 comes from three wealthy individuals, three large corporations, and one of the largest corporate lobbying groups in Oregon.
  3. Similar systems have been adopted in Washington and California and resulted in smaller number of voters making decisions for a larger portion of the electorate. In recent congressional district primaries in both states, the four Democrats running split the vote and came in behind the two Republican candidates who then moved to the general election. This can happen to either party and results in a misrepresented electorate and degrades our electoral process.
  4. You will hear this called ‘Open Primary' or ‘Top Two Primary' it is NOT a ‘Unified Primary'. There was a video circulating a couple months ago which explained a similar system, called a unified primary. A unified primary allows voters to vote as many times as they want for any party they want. This ‘top two primary' being proposed only allows one vote. 

We hope you find this is useful information. Please contact any member of the Legislative Committee, Alan Ferschweiler, Isaac McLennan, or Kyle MacLowry with questions or comments. You may also go to for more information as needed.

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2014 Portland Starlight Parade Video

Every year Portland Fire Fighters kick off the Portland Stairlight Parade with their flying acrobatics from a hand drawn ladder cart. This tradition has been many years in the making. Check out this highlight video from the 2014 Starlight Parade.

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Memorial Day Thank You

This Memorial Day, Portland Fire Fighters would like to extend our gratitude for all those who have served the United States of America and we will never forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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David Campbell Memorial

Notice of Election
June 23rd 24th & 25th 

Election will be held June 23rd 24th & 25th, 2014 Absentee Voting June 18th – 25th 0815 hrs –1700 hrs & the 26th 0800hrs – 1000 hrs at Union Hall 4530 SE 67th Ave (Union Office closed daily for the lunch hour 1200-1300)

Question: Shall the Portland Fire Fighters’ Association assess each active PFFA member $12.50 per month for 12 months for the purpose of raising funds for the new Campbell Memorial Park? 

*Members will be allowed to opt-out for personal reasons. 

*Every effort will be made to reach members on duty to vote. However, absentee voting is being extended to the 26th until 1000 hrs. If the ballot box carriers miss you at your workplace, please come to the Union Office to vote. A ballot box will not be placed at Battalion Headquarters. Third floor Sworn personnel should vote at 1s when boxes come or absentee vote at Union Office. A ballot box will be at FMO Gideon the morning of the 25th.



Click for more information

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100 PFFA Members Pack City Hall

WATCH: Nearly 100 Portland Fire Fighters pack City Hall last night with their families, friends and neighbors.

Portland Firefighters Association, The International Association of Fire Fighters and Portland Fire & Rescue helped secure a two-year grant called the SAFER Grant that currently funds 26 fire fighters in Portland. When that funding runs out, those positions will be cut unless The City takes over funding. Not funding those positions will close fire engines, trucks and possibly neighborhood fire stations. The Mayor states this year's budget will not fund any of those positions.

KOIN 6 News, Jessica Morkert (@jmorkert), reported the story last night.

Read the full story

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2014 IAFF Legislative Convention

Local 43 Officers and the Oregon State Fire Fighters Council (OSFFC) attended the 2014 IAFF Legislative Convention in Washington D.C. This year we lobbied five (5) issues on Capitol Hill all of which directly affect fire fighters right here in Oregon. It was a slightly different year as Congress was out of session. Fortunately we were able to meet with senior staff from all of our Senator's and Representative's offices. Through the work of the OSFFC we have developed good working relationships with our congressmen and woman their staff was very receptive to our issues.

2014 IAFF Legislative Issues:

  1. Funding for SAFER and FIRE Grants
  2. Protecting Public Sector Pensions:  PEPTA
  3. Protecting Public Sector Pensions:  SAFE Act
  4. Eliminating the Healthcare Reinsurance Fee
  5. Federal Fire Fighter Trade Time

If you'd like more information on any of these issues we discussed you can find them on the IAFF Website under their Politics and Legislation page. Also, during our general session many political leaders spoke to us and you can watch these videos online.


From left to right: Isaac McLennan, Mike Wight, Harold Schaitberger, Greg Espinosa, Mike Schultz

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2014 Softball Team Signup



asa_softball.jpgiaff_flag.jpgLocal 43


Registration for summer league softball is on now!  The season tentatively starts the first week of June and continues through August.  There are a limited number of spots from each shift to play.  Those of you who notify me late will make the substitute roster for days we need players. (subs get hats only upon request)

Please email me if interested: 

March 31 is the deadline. This is also first come first serve basis.  There are 20 spots available.

This year we will get new uniforms, hats, and possibly a team bat.  The team fee will be around $110 for the 8-weeks of play including uniforms.  In years past with reserve cash, we can throw a season finale party or play in a tournament.  Due to popular demand, team hats will be available upon request.  If you are interested, please email me and I will notify you on price and style when available.  Hats will also be limited so the more emails I receive the bigger the order.  

I look forward managing another season with Portland Fire Local 43 team.  We had a lot of fun last year and look forward to another fun filled season!! 

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Firefighters Coats for Kids

coats_for_kids.jpgTwenty members of the Portland Firefighters Association participated in our first Firefighters Coats for Kids program. We helped distribute 230 new coats to children in need at Sacajawea Head Start in NE Portland. The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) partnered with Operation Warm and created the program now known as Firefighters Coats for Kids. This program purchases coats that are made in the USA. With funding from Tripwire, Inc. and help from Portland Public Schools we were able to help keep these children warm and dry this winter. A big thank you to the Tripwire volunteers and Sacajawea Head Start faculty members of for helping to make this event a big success. We'd also like to recognize our members who volunteered their time off-duty and individually attended to each child to make sure they got the coat size and color that fit them best. Firefighters then wrote the children's name in their coat so they would know it was theirs to keep.

Thank you PFFA Members:
Web Slavens, Mark Tilden, Nate Hall, Ryan Evans, Rich Neighorn, Brady Donahue, Mark Held, Mike Schultz, Greg Espinosa, Jason Lehman, Isaac McLennan, Chris Fukai, Time O'Donnell, Scott Berni, Ritch Espin, Kerry Kilner, Bill Schimel, Aaron Waldier, Elliot Dasler and Greg Rose

KGW Channel 8's News Story on the Event

Please enjoy the slide show below of our Firefighters Coats for Kids Event on December 19th, 2013.

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Portland Firefighters' Association helps city secure SAFER Grant

Firefighters avoid lay-offs and communities should see the benefit

PFFA Logo(Portland, Ore.) Portland Firefighters' Association is pleased to announce a $4.5 million dollar Federal SAFER Grant has been awarded to the City of Portland. "We are pleased to inform our 26 union members in danger of losing their jobs, they will keep their positions and be able to care for their families for at least the next two years because of the SAFER Grant," said Alan Ferschweiler, President of Portland Firefighters Association, Local 43, IAFF. "This is a great holiday gift to our firefighters, their families and the communities they serve every day."

The Federal SAFER Grant, is free federal funding awarded to the City of Portland after the union, fire chief, mayor, and city commissioners collaborated to apply for the grant. Union leaders and members brought this idea to apply for the free federal funding to city officials and the fire chief and they accepted the challenge.

Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response, known as the SAFER Grant, was created to provide funding directly to fire departments and volunteer firefighters organizations to help increase or maintain the number of trained front line firefighters available to communities. "Knowing our city was facing tough budget times, firefighters were given pink slips and staffing at two of our fire stations were cut in half. I knew our firefighters and the communities they serve were in danger," said Ferschweiler. "Applying for the grant was a logical step to for our union to propose to the fire chief, city commissioners and Mayor Hales."

Ferschweiler also says one of the fears that he had with last year's city budget was the question of what would happen if the city didn't receive the grant. "Bridge funding was provided to allow for the grant process to be completed, but if the City of Portland had not received the SAFER Grant, two more 4 person engine or truck companies would need to be eliminated somewhere in our communities to balance our budget. We have already lost resources in North and Northeast Portland fire stations during budget cuts last year and our resources are stretched thin. I'm sure no one wants fewer firefighters in their neighborhood," said Ferschweiler.

Ferschweiler's goal is to see Northeast and North Portland fire stations that had staffing cut in half, fully restored with highly trained front line firefighters. "If we have another fire like either of the 5 alarm fires we fought on MLK or the Red Lion Hotel on Janzen Beach, we need to be able respond in force to ensure our communities are protected during a fire emergency. Having the full crew of front line fighters, which is four person companies is paramount in these situations," said Ferschweiler.

Portland Firefighters Association would like to thank Mayor Hales and city commissioners who voted to approve the fire chief applying for the Federal SAFER grant. Ferschweiler also says the grant which is only good for two years will help bridge the funding gap and permanent funding is needed after this two year time period to avoid future lay-offs and endangering public safety.

Media note: Portland Firefighter's Association President, Alan Ferschweiler will be attending 3pm press conference at Fire Station One, 55 SW Ash Street.


Download Press Release

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Portland Area Fire Fighters Golf Association Schedule


The Portland Area Fire Fighters Golf Association schedule is available here. Click the link below to download the schedule (PDF).

2014 Golf Schedule

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PFFA on the go with GoMobile!

3412.jpgIf you havn't already found this on your own, you can access the Portland Firefighters Association website while on the go with the GoMobile version of our website. It has many useful features that are formated for your smart phone or tablet computer.

Not only are you able to access our Homepage Highlights but you can use our on-line calendar, see member alerts, download meeting minutes and other documents from our document library, and much more. Try it out for yourself! Just visit from any smart mobile device and be redirected to the GoMobile version of our website. For quick access, you can save an icon on your phone's home screen.

For your best experience, it is recommened to login once you have navigated to our website. This will give you access to member's only areas, highlights, and documents.

Click the link below from any mobile device or just navigate to

GoMobile Website

If you have any comments or suggestion about things we can add to our mobile site you can send us an email at or join the on-line discussion.

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PFFA E-Newsletter

newsletter150px.jpgLocal 43 is developing new ways and improving our old ways to better communicate with our members. One way we want to reach our members is through a new tool called the PFFA E-Newsletter. This newsletter will be delivered to your personal email that you used when you signed up for our website. You will only get this if you have selected the check box next to the PFFA Monthly E-Newsletter E-Mail list in your profile. You can edit your profile at any time on the left side of the website where you sign in with you username and password or click here. You may unsubscribe from this email list at any time.

The E-Newsletter will have all the current topics and happenings at the Union Hall. It will have a list of upcomming events, communication tools, a section on union rights, member forum topics, contact information and more will be added as time goes on. Please give us your feedback by sending an email to

Past issues will be available to download via the document library. This e-newsletter is not meant to replace any current means of communication (i.e. The Straight Stream, station visits). It is only meant to further connect our members to accurate and current information.

PFFA E-Newsletter in the Document Library

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